Repairing Leaking Foundation Wall Cracks & Penetrations

a wall crack repair system installed on a concrete basement wall

Permanently Sealing A Wall Crack

Concrete expands and contracts naturally as moisture and temperature conditions fluctuate.

To properly repair a wall crack, a flexible, expandable material must be used to seal the opening.

Water will enter a basement anywhere it can, starting with the path of least resistance. If there is an unsealed opening in your basement wall, this will often be the route that water uses.

Often, this opening in the wall is in the form of a crack -- either in the concrete or the mortar joints. It is also common for water to seep in around a pipe, cord, or wire that penetrates your foundation wall.

This can create a significant flooding nuisance -- one that's creates a particular nuisance if the homeowner is planning to finish the basement. The cracks must be reliably and permanently sealed before walls and insulation is installed.

Fortunately, provided that this is not a structural crack, we have a simple, common-sense solution for sealing these openings. Our crack repairs include a written warranty that can be transferred to the next owner of the home, should you decide to sell.

If you do have a structural issue, we recommend that you contact Supportworks, Inc. -- our sister network. They serve throughout Canada and the United States, specializing in structural issues of all kinds.

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How To Repair Leaking Wall Cracks & Penetrations

At Basement Systems, our solution to leaking wall cracks and penetrations is our FlexiSpan®™ Wall Crack Repair System -- a patented, award-winning system available exclusively from Basement Systems Dealers.

The FlexiSpan® System is installed in three simple steps:

We Can Help You Repair Your Foundation Wall Cracks!

At Basement Systems, our experts have solutions for basement flooding issues of all kinds -- including those connected with flooding wall cracks and penetrations in basements.

If you're looking for help with a structural issue, we can help with that too! Contact us, and we'll put you in touch with your local Supportworks dealership, who can provide you with a permanent, warrantied solution for your structural repairs.

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