Basement Wall Panel

BrightWall® basement wall panel is a semi-rigid white plastic panel system installed on the basement wall to drain water, stop water vapor, and brighten your basement space! Secured with drilled-in white fasteners, the basement wall panels will never come off of your walls, unlike basement wall paint, no matter how much dampness comes through.

If your basement walls leak water, the BrightWall® basement wall paneling will drain any water leaks down behind it to the perimeter drainage system (WaterGuard®) -- without you ever knowing it. The basement wall panel also stops water vapor from coming through the walls and evaporating into your basement.

Most of all BrightWall® provides a clean, bright, semi-finished look that really dresses up your unfinished basement! The bight white wall panel looks great and makes the basement much brighter with the available lighting. We do not recommend painting BrightWall® basement wall panels.

It is the best looking and most durable of the three wall system options. If your basement will remain unfinished, and you want the nicest look possible, this is the system for you.


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