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Sump Pump Discharge Anti-Freeze Device

Sump pump discharge lines can freeze, especially in the northern regions. Pipe terminations can become covered with snow and ice in the winter. This is not a problem if you have the IceGuard® sump pump discharge line system!

The IceGuard® system allows water to escape from a sump pump discharge line if the pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason. Even if the pipe outlet is buried under a foot of ice and snow, the water can escape, allowing your sump pump to keep your basement dry. When the discharge pipe thaws, the water will automatically run along its normal route, and no water will escape from the IceGuard. There are no valves to turn, hoses to attach, or anything for the homeowner to do at all - it's totally automatic!

frozen sump pump discharge pipeThe photo shows a home that was saved by the IceGuard® sump pump discharge anti-freeze device. When the discharge line was covered by snow and ice and froze, blocking water from escaping out of the pipe, the IceGuard® allowed the water to escape during repeated pump cycles. IceGuard® saved this basement from getting flooded even in these extreme conditions!

IceGuard® prevents a frozen sump pump discharge line from flooding a basementThe patented design of the IceGuard® automatically allows water to escape through its perforations. This unique feature provides an exit when pipe terminations are blocked, usually by ice or snow.

Both the SuperSump® and TripleSafe sump pump systems come standard with the IceGuard® anti-freeze device in regions where freezing temperatures are a problem.

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