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Basement Wall Crack Repair

foundation crack repairFoundation crack repair with the FlexiSpan® concrete crack repair system. The patented FlexiSpan® system is the most effective foundation crack repair method on the market.

A basement wall crack in a poured basement foundation is generally caused by concrete shrinkage. This shrinkage can continue for three years after the basement wall has been initially poured and sometimes can occur even longer afterward. Even after this period, continued pressures, such as soil contraction and expansion, can cause further foundation cracks and separation. So a long-term solution is needed -- one that is flexible enough to permanently fix the crack even with continued wall movement.

concrete crack repairBasement Systems has been repairing foundation cracks with various injection methods for many years. In fact, we were pioneers in applying polyurethane injection to residential basement wall cracks before anyone had heard of such a thing. Injecting sealant materials into concrete wall cracks was a big breakthrough at the time.

Yet, we have watched and struggled as structural movement, continued shrinkage of the foundation wall, and other factors on new and older homes alike have caused these concrete crack repairs to fail.

patented FlexiSpan® crack repairTherefore, if your crack repair method is injection alone, the crack will often get larger and re-leak. Soil expansion and contraction causes foundation movement and re-leaking will occur. We searched for a better way and now we have found it -- the FlexiSpan® Foundation Wall Crack Repair System patented by Basement Systems. This is a method we've developed to permanently fix your wall crack and stop leakage.

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