CleanSpace® Wall System

We use CleanSpace, a heavy, durable plastic liner - like a pool liner, for lining dirt crawl spaces. It is perfect as a basement wall solution for stone wall basements. Because stone walls are not flat, they are not candidates for BrightWall® paneling. The CleanSpace® provides a vapor barrier, drains water behind it, and dramatically brightens the basement. It will have little waves in it because it comes off of a roll rather than in panels, but the CleanSpace® is very durable and nearly impossible to rip.

The CleanSpace® Wall System is a 20-mill thick reinforced plastic liner that is installed with permanent drilled-in fasteners. It is a fast, economical way to cover ugly walls, stop water vapor from permeating the walls, and drain wall leaks.* The white color really brightens a basement, reflecting available lighting.

CleanSpace® Wall System makes a dry wall and brightens the basement. Not quite as finished looking as BrightWall® but costs about 30% less. If you are looking for a quick, economical way to dry and improve the appearance of your walls, this system is for you.

The solution to damp and leaking stone walls.  CleanSpace® Wall system stops water vapor, drains wall leaks, and brightens your basement - especially effective in basements with stone walls.


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