Basement Wall Insulating with ThermalDry®

ThermalDry® Basement Wall System is part of a likely pair of products for folks who are finishing their basements, along with ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting. The basement wall system, a plastic vapor barrier with bubbles on one side that act as thermal breaks and spacers to allow for drainage, stops water vapor from getting into your basement through the walls, and drains water from any wall leaks to the drainage system below.

More than that, because of its reflective foil face, the ThermalDry® basement wall system reflects more than 90% of the indoor heat back into the basement, providing energy savings. Heat moves from hot to cold, and your basement walls are always cold because the earth is cold. Normally the thermal mass of your basement walls perpetually soaks up heat from your home, but with the ThermalDry® basement wall system, this process dramatically slows down, saving energy. This makes the ThermalDry® Basement Wall System the preferred option for your basement walls if you are going to finish your basement in the future.

Select ThermalDry® if you're planning to finish your basement.
Mechanically fastened with drilled-in fasteners, the ThermalDry® basement wall system is perfect for people who are going to finish basement walls with a stud wall in the future. Is it good for unfinished basements? If you don't mind the look, sure. However it is not as durable as the BrightWall® basement wall panel systems and can rip if abused.

When finishing your basement, leave a 1/2-inch space in front of the ThermalDry® for maximum benefit. Also - ask about our ThermalDry® Basement Floor Tile system to lay under your carpeting.


3-in-1. ThermalDry® Basement Wall system stops water vapor, drains wall leaks, and reflects heat back into your basement - the perfect solution before finishing your basement!


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