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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Eliminating Musty Smells In Crawl Spaces

A dirt floor crawl space with a black plastic liner and sagging fiberglass insulation

Crawl Space Odor

Crawl space odors rising into the home are one of the early signs of a potentially serious issue in the crawl space, such as a mold or rot problem.

One of the most common complaints that customers bring to us at Basement Systems are related to musty or foul odors that are rising up from their crawl space.

Crawl space odors can be more than merely unpleasant! If the air in your crawl space is filled with allergenic mold spores, they will enter your home, causing health issues in residents with asthma or mold allergies.

The best way to eliminate crawl space odors is to address the larger problem at its source.

Common Problems Include:

  • Mold & Rot
  • Wet/Damp Building Materials
  • Animal Smells
  • Sewage Pipe Leaks
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At Basement Systems, our certified experts specialize in transforming crawl space environments into dry, healthy, energy efficient space. To date, we've successfully repaired hundreds of thousands of basements and crawl spaces worldwide!

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Sources Of Crawl Space Odors

Most crawl space odors are created when a damp, humid environment is present in a crawl space. Odor-causing elements such as mold, dust mites, pests, rodents, and decaying building materials all require this moisture to exist.

The four most common causes of crawl space odors are as follows:

Illustration of the stack effect in a home

Air Movement In A Home

As air in your home is warmed, convection sends it upwards, where it exits through your attic and the upper levels of the building.

As it does, a vacuum is created below. This vacuum is filled with air from your basement, crawl space, and from outside the structure.

The "Stack Effect" & Your Crawl Space

The air in your crawl space (up to 40% of it) becomes the air you breathe! This is because it's pulled upwards through the "stack effect".

In the same way that warm air naturally moves upwards through a smoke stack, air moves upwards through your home, passing through a wide variety of cracks and crevices in your floors and walls.

These gaps are built in as part of the construction process, created as plumbers make holes for pipes, electricians for wires, and HVAC contractors for air ducts. Openings will also appear as building materials naturally shrink and expand.

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Crawl Space Vents Add To The Problem!

If you have crawl space vents installed , they can compound on the problem. Venting your crawl space is like leaving windows wide open in your home, and greatly increasing how much outside air circulates into your living space.

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Five Steps To Eliminate Odors In Crawl Spaces

The best way to protect your crawl space from the most common sources of odors is to make sure that it stays clean and dry. We accomplish this by sealing and dehumidifying the space.

This process comes with many added benefits, including increased energy efficiency, controlling mold and rot, and the use of your crawl space as storage space. Our system is warranted and can be installed quickly in your home -- often in less than a day.

To address a musty, smelly crawl space, our dealers take these five steps:

A crawl space with an improperly installed vapor barrier that is present only on the floor.

Clean The Crawl Space

Before we begin our installation, we'll remove debris in the crawl space and rake the floor clean and level. This prepares the crawl space for a vapor barrier system and makes it much easier to access. We'll also trim back or remove damaged fiberglass insulation in your floor joists.

Many of our contractors will also offer crawl space cleanup services. This involves clearing debris out of a severely mold-damaged space, such as one filled with rotting fiberglass, debris, mud, and rot-damaged wood.

Be sure to ask your local dealer for the particulars about their available cleanup services.

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Rotting floor joists in a crawl space

Repair Any Rot-Damaged Wood

If your structural wood has been damaged by mold, dry rot, termites, or other pets, it's possible that it's no longer fit to bear the weight of the house on top of it.

Our dealers can reinforce sagging or poorly supported crawl spaces with our sturdy, galvanized steel SmartJack™ system. These warranted support posts are ideal for supporting to a weakened structure.

Many of our dealers also provide services in ripping out and repairing rot-damaged wood. Contact your local dealer for details on available options.

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Installation of a plastic crawl space vent cover.

Seal All Vents & Install An Airtight Door

Open crawl space vents bring in humid air in the summer, cold air in the winter, and wet air during rainy or foggy conditions.

Additionally, the openings in these vents are an invitation for a variety of unwanted pests to enter your home, including rodents, termites, carpenter ants, and more.

There is no benefit to ventilating a crawl space! At Basement Systems, we recommend sealing all vents and installing an airtight door on your crawl space.

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A sealed and encapsulated crawl space

Install A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Next, our experts will install our CleanSpace® Vapor Barrier System on all walls and floor surfaces in your crawl space.

This will keep moisture from entering the area through the dirt floor, as well as directly through the open pores of the concrete from the ground beyond.

If you have a flooding crawl space, we'll install a waterproofing system in the space. Otherwise, a floor drain with a water alarm will be installed to warn you in advance of any potential plumbing leaks.

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A crawl space dehumidifier system installation

Dehumidify The Space

Once the crawl space has been sealed from outside moisture and humidity, many homeowners opt to dry and maintain the space with a crawl space dehumidifier.

Your dehumidifier should be self-draining and low maintenance -- turning itself on and off as needed.

It should also be rated to operate in a crawl space -- home dehumidifiers that are rated to dehumidify warm household are are not up for the challenge of drying the air in the cooler environment below grade.

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We Create Healthy Crawl Space Environments!

At Basement Systems, our dealers have successfully used our products in hundreds of thousands of crawl spaces and basements worldwide. We have the training, equipment, and warranted solutions you need to transform your crawl space into drier, healthier, more energy efficient space!

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Before our scheduled visit, we'll also mail you a full-color copy of our book: Crawl Space Science. This book explains the building science behind what we do, outlines a wide variety of crawl space issues that homeowners may face, and features our products and services.

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