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Mold And Your Health

Mold colonies growing in various petri dishes

Mold Spore Allergies

Approximately 50% of homes have at least one resident with allergies, and 90% of people with allergies show sensitivity to mold spores.

The American Lung Association reports 88 million Americans suffering from some sort of respiratory distress.

If you're suffering from a headache, stuffy nose, fatigue, or some type of allergic reaction that's relieved shortly after leaving the building, your symptoms may be caused by allergenic mold spores.

Along with damaging personal property, mold can also seriously affect of residents within the space.

People At High Risk Include:

  • Individuals with Asthma Or Allergies
  • Pregnant Women & Infants
  • The Elderly
  • Individuals Taking Medication
  • Children 6-12 Years Old

Mold spore exposure can occur through inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. Even dead mold spores can be damaging to your health!

Time Magazine reports that hundreds of thousands of mold spores may be present in a single cubic meter of air, with an average person inhaling 10-12 cubic meters of air each day.

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Energy efficient basement and crawl space dehumidifiers.

Our SaniDry™ CX & SaniDry™ XP

Your home will always have organic material for mold to eat, and it will always be more than 40°F in the space. The only effective way to control mold is through dehumidification.

Our basement and crawl space dehumidifiers are low-maintenance and Energy Efficient, with a powerful blowing motor that will send dry air throughout the space. An air filter will help to remove mold and allergens from the space.

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Home Mold Biology

More than 1.5 million different species of mold exist in all areas of the world. Mold knows no season -- no matter how clean a home is, it can be found in a home year-round. Some mold species are present exclusively in the home!

A typical mold spore is about 10 microns (0.0002 inches) in size, with mold spores as small as 1.5 microns.

As mold advances to reproductive age, it will release seedlike spores into the air. These spores can last for years, waiting for the proper conditions to occur for new mold growth. When those conditions are present, the spores can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours.

To thrive, most mold spores will need temperatures of at least 40°F, relative humidity levels of at least 60%, and organic material of any kind to eat.

The "Stack Effect"

The natural airflow of a home brings warm air upwards, where it exits through the attic and upper levels. As it does, air from the lower levels is pulled up to fill the vacuum. Up to 40% of that air comes from your basement or crawl space.

If this air is filled with mold spores, those will be pulled upwards with the air, adding to the allergens present in the home.

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Mold Removal Facts You Should Know

  1. Mold Grows Quickly: Mold spores can quickly come lose with even light vibrations, potentially releasing millions of mold spores into the air. Mold growth will begin in 24-48 hours, spreading rapidly throughout the house.

  2. Mold Destroys Your Home: Professional Builder Magazine warns that any history of a mold issue will drastically lower the resale value of a home. A $250,000 home can easily develop $100,000 in mold damages, making it difficult to sell for any price. Mold and rot damage can also result in serious structural damages.

  3. Cleaning Visible Mold Is Not Enough: Mold grows behind drywall paneling, inside fiberglass insulation, on the non-visible side of ceiling tiles, inside air ducts, on the dust on ceiling fans, and behind wallpaper. There could be much more mold present in a space than the visible portion!

  4. Bleach Is Not A Permanent Solution: Bleach and mold removing agents are effective for the short-term elimination of mold from nonporous surfaces only. Drywall, wood, paper products, carpeting, and similar materials may have deep mold penetration and should be replaced. Even when mold is completely removed, it will regrow unless all sources of mold and humidity have been eliminated.

  5. Cleaning Mold Can Be Hazardous: An allergic reaction can be caused by as few as 3-5 mold spores. Black mold spores host a fungus that produces carcinogenic "mycotoxins" that are linked to ailments such as liver cancer, lung cancer, chronic liver damage, acute or chronic nervous system damage, endocrine problems, and others.

  6. Mold Removal Experts Receive Training And Use Special Equipment: Mold removal experts employ state-of-the-art equipment to dry identify sources of moisture, dry out wall cavities, and safely remove mold. Laboratory samples are taken to analyze potentially toxic strains, and special cleaning agents are used to restore the property. Training centers for mold removal are located throughout North America and Europe to prepare remediators for a successful mold remediation business.
A microscope view of dust mites, enlargened.

Dust Mite Waste Allergens

Like mold, dust mites thrive in areas with high humidity levels, feeding off of dander from humans and animals., particularly in bedding, carpeting, and below-grade spaces.

Dust mite waste contains more than 15 potent allergens, and is responsible for 80%-90% of the allergic component of house dust.

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Basement & Crawl Space Mold

Mold prefers areas with no sunlight, limited airflow, and little disruption. This makes basements and crawl spaces prime real estate for mold growth!

In a basement, mold can grow on multiple surfaces, including wallpaper, glues, paint, wood, cardboard, dust, fabric, fiberglass resins and dyes, cloth, or any other organic surfaces.

Drywall is like candy to mold! When drywall is installed on a basement wall, moisture can be trapped in the cavity behind drywall. Research has shown that one billion mold spores can exist in a single square foot of drywall!

Moisture sources that feed basement and crawl space mold can come from water vapor passing through the pores of the concrete, from groundwater flooding, and from plumbing leaks. Crawl space vents also bring in an enormous amount of humidity in the summer, which can lead to a very significant mold bloom.

Many contractors also overlook the possibility of multiple sources of moisture, addressing one without seeking out others. This can allow mold to continue to grow in non-visible areas and cause future outbreaks to emerge.

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