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Crawl Space Mold Due to Condensation

Condensation on floor joists cause mold growth and rot begins

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Condensation build upWhen the relative humidity reaches 100%, the air is holding as much moisture as it possibly can at its current temperature.  As humid summer air enters the cool crawlspace and the relative humidity rises, this can easily happen.  Any extra moisture in the wet air is left on the floor joists, insulation, beams, floor, and anything stored in there

This condensation, combined with the organic material found in wood, boxes, insulation, and other objects found in a crawlspace, creates a perfect environment for mold to grow.  Any organic surface will quickly be covered in mold and rot, and mildew will form wherever it can.  As mold grows, it will send millions of spores into the air.  Insects such as termites will enter the basement and feed off the rotting wood.  Rodents move into the home and feed off the insects as well, creating an even larger problem.   Dust mites live and thrive in the humidity, sending their fecal matter into the air.

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