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Crawl Space Insulation

Often wet, heavy insulation falls to the floor...

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Insulation falling off due to moisture problemAs moisture collects in the insulation, it becomes heavy and wet. Wet insulation loses most of its insulation value, making it less valuable for your home. Additionally, insulation can support mold growth and can sometimes house insects. Mice make their homes in the insulation and leave feces there, causing health problems. They may enter the main area of your home as well. This insulation will fall to the floor from the excessive moisture it absorbs, creating a mess on your floor.

As the insulation loses its value, the weight of the moisture pulls on your insulation and causes it to fall of your floor. Without the insulation, the problem of the unconditioned air returns, and the crawlspace’s drain on your heating and cooling bills becomes worse and worse. Your crawlspace looks like a mess, and it’s filled with mold and vermin.

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