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Got a wet basement? Musty odors? Protect your home with our proven solutions & lifetime warranty.

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The Sanidry™ XP Basement Dehumidifier & Air System

What It Does:

The SaniDry™ XP is an award-winning dehumidifier system that's custom-designed for the cool environment of a basement.

This is a powerful model that is energy efficient and capable of drying up to 2,500 square feet of space at an 8' ceiling. It includes a powerful blowing motor that's compatible with ductwork, allowing it to be stored in a closet or utility area while drying a finished space.

This system is provided with a written "bumper to bumper" manufacturer's warranty, as well as your local dealer's own installation warranty.

Advantages To Our System:

  • Removes Up To 109 Pints Of Water Daily
  • Dehumidifies Up To 2,500 Sq. Ft.
  • Up To 275% More Efficient
  • Self-Draining; No Collection Trays
  • A Powerful 300CFM Blowing Motor
  • Includes A MERV-11 Air Filter
  • R410 2010 EPA Complaint
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The control panel to one of our basement dehumidifier systems

The SaniDry™ XP System features automatic controls that allow you to set the relative humidity level.

An additional control panel can also be installed in the finished part of your basement, while the system remains out of sight.

When the desired level is reached, the system shuts off automatically.

Why A Basement Dehumidifier?

Basements are unique spaces in your home. Specifically, they're colder, damper, and have much less air circulation than other rooms in your house.

When a dehumidifier operates, it cools the air, collecting water on a condensation coil the air passes over. This condensation is drained, and the dry air is sent back out into your home.

Home dehumidifier systems are rated for the warmer environment upstairs --which are typically 75 °F or higher.

Basement dehumidifiers are rated for the colder basement environments, where it's not uncommon for temperatures to drop to 55 °F or lower.

Because of this temperature difference, basement air is harder to dehumidify. If you run a home dehumidifier in the cold basement environment, it will not be powerful enough to remove the amount of water it's rated to remove.

Over time, the cold environment may also cause the system collect frost on its cold coil, which will potentially cause a home dehumidifier to fail.

Power 110-120 VAC, 6.75 amps / 742 Watts
Blower 300 CFM
Weight 106 lbs.
Capacity 109 pints/day @ 80'F, 60% RH / Up to 2500 sq. ft (8 ft ceiling)
Dimension width:19.75", height:36.5", depth:17.5"
Operating Temperature Range 40 to 95 F
Ducting Yes
Air Filter MERV-11

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Our dehumidifier system is appropriate for the basement environment -- and it's just what you need to help transform your basement into dry, usable space. Combined with our other basement products, we have a solution for any basement water or humidity issue out there!

To sign up for a free, no-obligation basement dehumidifier estimate, contact us by phone or e-mail today! We'll connect you with the authorized Basement Systems Dealer operating in your area, who can help you obtain a SaniDry™ XP Basement Air System for your home.

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