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Crawl Space Door

A crawl space door made of wood is not built to last. Because the crawl space door is in a damp environment near the ground, sometimes exposed to the weather, it will warp, rot, and is tough to keep paint on. Basement Systems EverLast™ Crawl Space Door solves this problem.

The EverLast™ Crawl Space Door is made completely of inorganic material that is waterproof and resistant to mold growth. And, it just looks so much better than deteriorating wood doors. The EverLast™ crawl space door is half-inch-thick solid plastic, so it will never rot or need paint -- the hardware is rust proof as well. The EverLast™ crawl space door will do the job that wood doors just can't.

A larger benefit of the EverLast™ crawl space door is that it seals off outside air, helping to dry your crawl space and saving you on your heating and cooling bills. A tight seal on your crawl space door is absolutely necessary in order to keep your crawl space environment dry and save energy. More information on sealing a crawl space from outside air can be found on the crawl space vent page.

By letting in outside air we increase our heating bills in the winter, increase our cooling bills in the summer, and actually let more moisture into our homes. Your EverLast™ crawl space door will seal off outside air, virtually last forever in the damp environment near the ground, and look good for years to come.

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Our innovative and forward-thinking approach to designing products has solved wet basement problems that the basement waterproofing and crawl space industry has faced for decades, and our patented sump pump systems are the smartest and most reliable. Plus we listen to our customers and respond accordingly! Basement Systems Inc. has been awarded 24 Patents and 19 Innovation Prizes on waterproofing products we use every day, including a battery back up sump pump system. This approach ensures the best waterproofing systems and solutions available.