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Crawl Space Fan - the Crawl-O-Sphere

Old crawl space thinking included dirt crawl space floors, open vents to the outside, and insulation in the floor. These antiquated methods have drastically failed homeowners.

Today's technology involves the CleanSpace® crawl space encapsulation system, which completely isolates the house from the earth and seals off outside air from getting in. Then as one option to condition the crawl space, the Crawl-O-Sphere™ Air System draws dry conditioned air from the first floor of your home and adds it to your crawl space. The dry air keeps your crawl space warm, dry, & healthy!

Why a crawl space fan installed in a vent doesn't work

This crawl space air system, has a different science to it than a crawl space fan or crawl space power fan. A crawl space fan installed in a vent either sucks unconditioned air into the crawl space or blows air out of the crawl space through a vent. However, since we cannot create a vacuum in our crawl
spaces, blowing air out of a crawl space vent that causes the same amount of unconditioned air to be sucked in through the other vents. So either way, a crawl space fan in a vent blowing air out or sucking air in accomplishes the same result, drawing in unconditioned air at a faster rate than not having any fan at all. A crawl space power fan simply increases the rate in which unconditioned air is drawn into the crawl space.

Read why it is important to prevent unconditioned air into your crawl space.

How the Crawl-O-Sphere™ works

The Crawl-O-Sphere™ uses some of your upstairs air to condition your crawl space. As the crawl space is first sealed with the CleanSpace® crawl space encapsulation system, this adds almost nothing to your heating and cooling bills since the air never leaves the building envelope. And, at just 18 watts, it is quiet and energy efficient!

The Crawl-O-Sphere™ Air System, together with the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System, is a low cost way to get a healthy, energy-efficient crawl space beneath your home, that's warm in the winter and dry year round.

NOTE: Job conditions and upstairs air quality can vary, and results cannot be warrantied. The Crawl-O-Sphere™ is for homes with central air conditioning. If dehumidification is necessary, then a SaniDry™ Crawl Space Air System should be considered.

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