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SaniDry™ CX Dehumidifier

Sanidry CSB is mainly created for crawl spaces, small basement or other spaces covering as much as 2500 square feet. This unit is industry best for dehumidifying a crawlspace. CSB is a compact and powerful dehumidifier that can remove 90 pints of water per day (@ AHAM) and operate down to 55 degrees F. Excellent choice for mid-sized basements and crawlspaces.


  • 90 pints/day (at AHAM Conditions 80 °F, 60% Relative Humidity.)
  • Built-in defrost system - designed to operate down to 55F. Will not freeze-up in basement conditions.
  • controlled by a dehumidistat with positive "ON" and "OFF" settings and a variable setting range from "20%" to "80%".
  • Standard outlet, 110-120 VAC, 6.35 Amps, 60 Hz, grounded
  • Direct gravity drain hose to floor drain(waterguard system). Drain hose can be extended using 1/2 inch pvc pipe.
  • Maintains EPA recommended relative humidity of 45% to 50% — ideal conditions for an odor free, dry comfortable living and storage space
  • The unit contains a blower switch that permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification
Power 110-120 VAC, 6.35 amps / 725 Watts
Blower 240 CFM (0" W.G.)
Weight 71 lbs.
Capacity 90 pints/day @ 80'F, 60% RH / Up to 2500 sq. ft (8 ft ceiling)
Dimension width:14.5", height:19", depth:33"
Operating Temperature Range 55 to 95 F
Ducting Yes
Refrigerant Type R-22
EPA Energy Star Certified Yes

Owner's Manual & Warranty - pdf format

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