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Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Dirt crawl spaces or vented concrete crawl spaces are a never-ending source of moisture in a home. Moisture ruins houses by providing a hospitable environment for mold, fungi, and insects that destroy wood framing. Crawl space moisture affects not only the floor system directly above it, but also the entire house.

As warm air in a heated building rises, replacement air is drawn in at the lowest part of the house -- your house is actually sucking the ground. This natural upward air movement is called the "

To avoid moisture's negative affects, a crawl space vapor barrier should be installed, isolating the home from the ground and the humid outside air. Then the crawl space should be conditioned or dehumidified. The SaniDry™ CX crawl space dehumidifier is the best product for this job.

SaniDry™ dehumidifierThe SaniDry™ CX has a two-stage filter system to keep the air clean. A prefilter for large dust particles can be rinsed clean as needed, and a second, easy to replace, slide-in filter (yellow), that takes out particles as small as two microns.

The SaniDry™ CX is the perfect dehumidifier for crawl spaces or basements that experience high levels of relative humidity. The attractively designed CBS Model can be placed in almost any residential or business setting where humidity control is desired. The SaniDry™ is designed to operate in temperatures between 55 °F and 95 °F, which typically include lower temperatures found in basements and crawlspaces. The SaniDry™ CX dehumidifier maintains EPA recommended relative humidity of 45% to 50% -- ideal conditions for an odor-free, dry comfortable living and storage space.

Click here for detailed Sanidry specifications on the CSB model.

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