The CleanSpace® Wall Basement Vapor Barrier System

What It Does:

CleanSpace® Wall is a durable, pliable material that is made out of 20-mil poly-reinforced material. It's bright white in color, and includes a 25-year warranty for wear and tear.

When installed on basement walls and floors, it creates a powerful vapor barrier. Any moisture or leaking water can easily be directed from the material into a perimeter drain system.

If you have stone basement walls, dirt floors, or unusual obstacles such as boulders in your basement, this is the ideal (and budget-friendly) solution for you!

Advantages To Our System:

  • Ideal For Uneven Or Stone Walls
  • Creates A Vapor Barrier On Walls
  • Includes An Antimicrobial Additive
  • Directs Leaking Water To Basement Drain
  • Can Be Used On Walls & Dirt Floors
  • Usually Installs In Less Than One Day
  • Includes A Written Warranty
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A contractor inspecting an installation of our basement wall vapor barrier system.

CleanSpace® Wall includes a unique antimicrobial called UltraFresh™.

This additive will inhibits the growth of mild, mildew, and bacteria on your walls, ensuring that they stay looking great for decades to home.

Protect Your Basement From Moisture

Unlike waterproof paints and coatings that adhere to the walls only to peel and flake off later, CleanSpace® Wall is mechanically attached with plastic, drilled-in fasteners. This ensures that the wall system is permanently affixed to your wall surface.

The CleanSpace® Wall System is designed to hold back moisture and humidity that may make its way through the dirt and walls. Any moisture or seeping water that collects behind the wall system is naturally redirected into your perimeter drain.

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Available For Basement Walls And Floors

Whether you have wavy walls, dirt floors, boulders, or walls back out of brick or stone, this is the wall system for you! CleanSpace® Wall can be installed on wall and floor surfaces, protecting your entire basement from problems with moisture and humidity.

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Let Us Help You Create A Drier, Healthier Basement!

our CleanSpace® Wall System is the answer for homeowners who would like to do something to improve the appearance of their basement but feel it's hopeless. With one fast installation (usually a day or less), we can permanently upgrade your basement, while also helping to control humidity, mold, and moisture issues.

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