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Efficient Basement Windows: What We Do NOT Recommend

Nothing brings light and natural beauty into a dark basement quite like great-looking basement windows. And that's what basement windows were meant to do!

If your basement windows are ugly, rusted, corroded, or drafty, then they're not doing their job. Whether you use your basement as finished space, or you just want to save money on your energy bills, don't pass up this chance to upgrade to a more comfortable and valuable home!

Our dealers are standing by to provide you with a free, no-obligation basement window cost estimate! We have locally owned and operated dealers available throughout Canada and the United States. To schedule your appointment, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

Basement Window Designs To Avoid

At Basement Systems, our experts have seen it all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly of basement windows. And with more than two decades of working in the industry, we've firsthand what makes a quality installation of basement windows.

Here's a few design choices that our dealers do NOT recommend:

An old, rusted basement window with a steel frame.

Steel Basement Windows

This type of basement window is typically designed with a single-paned glass window design with a steel frame.

These windows have the following disadvantages:

No Energy Efficiency: As we know, metal makes a great conductor of heat. Steel basement windows have a R-rating of 1 -- which means that they can only stop 50% of the heat that reaches them from passing through.

Short Lifespan: Steel basement windows will rust and corrode quickly, becoming drafty and ugly. Typically, this will happen in 5-10 years time.

Low Functionality: As steel basement windows begin to corrode, they will rust in place and become difficult or impossible to open and close.

If water is building up around your basement windows, rusted steel windows will be much less able to hold that water back, which can potentially lead to water leaking in through the windows.

A wood-framed basement window installed brand-new.

Wood-Framed Basement Windows

Wood-frame basement windows are most often designed with a wooden frame, single-paned glass, and a coating of paint. With their wood frame, they're more energy efficient than steel-framed windows.

These windows have the following disadvantages:

High-Maintenance Design: Wood basement windows will need its paint retouched every 5-8 years or so to keep the windows looking good.

Short Lifespan: All wood window frames can easily be damaged by moisture and humidity. Basement windows, which are much closer to the ground, will rot much more quickly than the other windows.

Invites Pests & Mold: Along with rot, mold will also grow on wooden window frames. And because they're so close to the ground, rotting wooden basement window frames become an easy target for termites, carpenter ants, and wood-eating insects.

An old metal basement window well showing signs of rust and corrosion.

Old-Fashioned Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are typically made with aluminum, wood, or steel, and are installed in a half-oval shape along the basement window.

Window wells have the following disadvantages:

No Energy Efficiency: That may seem like an unusual thing to consider when choosing a basement window well. But if you replace an old-fashioned basement window well with one that includes a clear cover, your basement window is now protected from cold winds beating against them all winter long.

Short Lifespan: These window wells will quickly begin to rust, rot, and corrode over time. When your basement windows were installed, I'm sure you weren't planning on having a great view of a rusty window well!

Collects Debris, Snow, & Rainwater: Open windows tend to collect dirt, leaves, debris, rainwater, and snow. Over time, weeds and even seeding trees will grow in the wells.

Along with the eyesore, this collected water will build up around the basement windows. Since most basement windows are not water-tight, some of that water is likely to leak into your basement space.

Energy Efficient Basement Windows

According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners that live in colder climates can save as much as 30-40% on their energy bills by simply upgrading their windows.

What windows could be draftier and less energy efficient than your old, outdated basement windows? Between the rotted metal frame and that drafty pane of glass, heat is literally flowing through your basement windows.

At Basement Systems, we've selected our basement windows, and window wells with quality and energy efficiency in mind -- so you get the most for your investment!

Features Of Our Basement Window System:

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Our basement window products will stay looking brand new for many years to come -- all while minimizing the necessary cleaning, painting, and maintenance that comes with similar basement window systems.

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