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Wet Basement Problems In Your Home - Questions & Answers

A basketball floating on flooded waters in a heavily flooded basement.

Flooding in a basement can happen for many different reasons, and from many different points along the walls, floors, and plumbing.

Knowing why your basement leaks -- and understanding all available options for repairing the issue -- will help you in choosing the products that will create the best system for your home.

Naturally, the homeowners we meet are full of questions -- they want to know what kind of basement problem they have, what we recommend to fix it, and what the pros and cons of each solution are. When it comes to basement waterproofing, you'll want to do it once, and do it right!

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Four Common Wet Basement Questions

To help you learn more about your wet basement -- including what to avoid, and what you can expect from our company -- we've compiled these four articles, which will cover the most common waterproofing-related questions we hear from our customers.

An illustrated cross section of a home with a basement flood issue.

Where Is My Basement Leaking?

Water will leak into your basement at any point it can, including around stairs, through cracks, and from old, rusty windows.

Where is it entering in to your home? This guide will help you find out -- and teach you how we fix your problem.

Highlights Of This Article:

  • Flooding From The Wall-Floor Joint
  • Leaky Floor Cracks
  • Leaking Walls, Cracks, & Pipe Penetrations
  • Flooding Hatchway Stairs
  • Leaking Windows
  • Common Home Plumbing Issues

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A basement flooding from various points.

Why Is My Basement Leaking?

Basements flood when groundwater around the foundation begins to build up. And, unfortunately, water builds up in the soils next to your home more than in other areas of the yard.

As this water builds up, it enters the basement in any way it can -- most often through the basement wall floor joint. What, then, can be done about it?

Highlights Of This Article:

  • What Is The "Clay Bowl Effect"?
  • Hydrostatic Pressure & Your Foundation
  • How Can Basement Leaking Be Stopped?

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A basement dehumidifier sitting up on cans on a dirt floor.

What Should I Avoid?

Much of the work our basement waterproofers perform involves fixing failed systems installed by other contractors.

Over the past 20 years, there are a few errors that we consistently see that other contractors perform. We identify these errors -- as well as what to do instead.

Highlights Of This Article:

  • Why Exterior Waterproofing Is A Bad Option
  • The Case Against Open Interior Drainage Systems
  • Why Venting A Basement Doesn't Work

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One of our waterproofing specialists helping two customers.

What Can I Expect From Your Company?

If you're planning on finishing your basement after the foundation repair is complete, or you just want to keep your basement.

Our wall anchor covers are designed specifically for our Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System. Thanks to the cover's snap-on design, it can provide quick, easy access to wall anchor tightening bolts, so that further adjustments on the wall anchors can be made.

Highlights Of This Article:

  • Meeting With Your Specialist
  • Installing Your Waterproofing System
  • Our Customer Service

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