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What's Wrong With Your Basement?

Basements are not meant to be damp, musty, moldy spaces. If those words could be used to accurately describe your space, then there's a significant problem in your home.

Your basement problem will have an impact on the rest of your home: a cold basement will mean high utilities and cold floors above, a musty basement will send allergens such as mold spores and dust mite waste into the living space of your home. And if a basement floods, it can rot building materials and damage all organic materials stored there.

Basement problems can be solved quickly and effectively, but the key to solving the problem is knowing what you're up against. To help you identify what's wrong with your basement, we've created this handy guide that covers most of the common issues homeowners face.

Remember -- you don't have to solve it alone! Basement Systems has a locally owned and operated contractor in your area that's ready to help you! We provide no-obligation basement inspections and free estimates throughout Canada and the United States. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your appointment!

Basement Walls

Mold growing on drywall in a basement.

Homeowners express many types of concerns about their basement walls, most of which are centered around keeping them dry and cosmetically appealing.

Homeowners with finished basements will often express concerns about mold damage on drywall and fiberglass, particularly if it also affects their health.

Common Issues With Basement Walls Include:

Basement Floors

A dirt basement floor and wood support beam.

Most problems related to basement floors are connected to issues with moisture, flooding, mold, and rot. Basement flooring is exposed to damage from water and humidity more than the floors in the upper levels.

Alternatively, homeowners complain about the basement floor surface -- or the floor above -- feeling cold and uncomfortable underfoot.

Common Issues With Basement Floors Include:

Plumbing Issues

iron ochre on a basement floor.

The most urgent issue homeowners face is when they discover that their basement is experiencing a serious flooding problem.

Common causes of basement flooding includes groundwater flooding, sump pump failure, or failed plumbing such, including water heaters and bursting washing machine hoses. Drainage systems can become clogged with dirt, ice, debris, or iron ochre. Groundwater intrusion can be partially addressed by improving the grading and drainage system in your yard.

Common Issues With Plumbing Systems Include:

Mold & Moisture Control

A wood wall covered with white mold, with the word mold written on the wall with someone's finger.

Mold, rot, and mildew poses a significant threat for the health of the residents of a home, as well as on the home itself. Mold and rot can destroy virtually anything containing organic material, including wood, drywall, fiberglass insulation, carpeting, and wallpaper.

Addressing mold, dust mites, and the allergens they release into the air is one of the most significant ways that you can improve the indoor air quality of your home. But what are the best ways to accomplish this goal? Is basement ventilation the answer?

Common Issues With Mold & Moisture Include:

A basement flooding through floor cracks and through the wall-floor joint.

Why Do Basements Leak?

The source of basement leaking can be hard to detect -- is the water coming in through the floor, the walls, or from somewhere else?

Knowing where your basement is leaking, as well as why it's leaking in the first place, is the first step to effectively addressing your problem once and for all.

More on the Causes Of Wet Basements

How Do You Use Your Basement?

Your basement is an entire floor of space in your home. If you have a one-story home, that's half of your usable space!

Once your basement problems have been solved with warrantied products and solutions, you can begin to treat your basement as a reliable space.

Some homeowners choose to use their basement as a storage area for extra furniture, seasonal clothing, memorabilia, and decorations, while others will invest in insulating and/or finishing the space.

At Basement Systems, we do more than simply drying and waterproofing your basement. We have nine different basement flooring options, seven different options for your basement walls, and a wide selection of basement windows, energy efficient dehumidifiers, and more!

When you meet with us, our representative can take you shopping through our complete line of award-winning products. Are walls, floors, and other products have been designed with the unique basement environment in mind -- and are ready to handle moisture, humidity, and basement flooding without being ruined.

More about Our Basement Products

We Can Solve Any Basement Problem!

Basement Systems has the skills, training, and warrantied, award-wining waterproofing products that are needed to dry and upgrade your basement -- no matter what the problem may be. Whether your basement walls are leaking, you have mold in your basement, or you'd just like new flooring, we have a solution for you.

Each Basement Systems dealers offers their customers free, no-obligation basement estimates throughout our Canada and United States service areas.

Our dealers are locally owned and operated companies that have been trained and certified by Basement Systems at our headquarters, and has exclusive access to our award-winning, warrantied systems within their service area. Each free estimate includes an on-site inspection and consultation, a written cost estimate, and a complimentary copy of our full-color basement book. To schedule your appointment, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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