Home Plumbing Flood Prevention Products

Of all claims that insurance companies pay out to homeowners, the #1 claim is related to water damage. And since water runs downhill, any flooding in your home will end up in the basement.

There are two basic types of floods that can occur in the home: floods from outside of the home, and floods from the inside. If you're having a lot of work done in your home to protect it from groundwater, shouldn't you keep an eye on protecting yourself from plumbing failures as well?

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Two Solutions For Common Plumbing Failure Problem Areas

At Basement Systems, we've identified two sources of major plumbing failures that never have to happen in a home: floods from failing water heaters, and bursting washer hoses.

While it's not practical to try to avoid failures from every pipe, sink, toilet, tub, and shower in your home flooding from a water heater or failed washer hose is both easy and inexpensive to avoid. We help homeowners protect themselves with these two fast and easy solutions:

A sump pump liner set in place in a basement floor during the installation process.

Water Heater Flood Protection

During the life of your home, your water heater will need to be replaced numerous times -- with an average system lasting about seven years.

Because water heaters refill automatically, even a small leak will continue nonstop until you repair or replace it. Depending on how often you're in your basement it could be days (or even weeks, if your water heater's in a crawl space) before you discover the leak at all!

We surround the water heater with our 4" high plastic FloodRing™ -- keeping leaking water at bay. An optional alarm system can sound off to warn you of flooding.

More about our FloodRing® Water Heater System

Industrial grade washer hoses.

Heavy-Duty Washing Machine Hoses

Unless you the water valves to your washing machine on and off each time you use them, you're putting the washer hoses under much more pressure than they're designed to withstand.

When the valves are on, washer hoses are under a continuous 50psi of pressure -- and if they burst, up to 500 gallons of water per hour will flow into the home! We've seen water flooding up to the basement windows!

Our heavy duty FloodChek® washer hoses include a 20-year written warranty to hold up to the pressure -- keeping your home safe from flooding.

More about our FloodChek® Washer Hoses

Common-Sense Solutions For Home Plumbing Failures

Once your basement waterproofing system is installed, you'll count on your basement as dry, usable space. With all you've invested to keep groundwater out of your house, it's definitely it to make a small investment in protecting your home plumbing as well.

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