The LawnScape™ Discharge Line Outlet System

What It Does:

The LawnScape™ Discharge Line Outlet is a grated outlet system that attaches to the end of your sump pump's discharge line.

This discharge line outlet is designed to blend in with your lawn and landscaping. Its recessed installation eliminates a tripping hazard in your lawn to for added peace of mind.

The LawnScape™'s grated opening is designed to deter leaves, animals, and debris when possible. This lawn outlet system also features a removable lid that allows for cleaning.

The rugged design of the LawnScape™ can withstand normal wear and tear as the lawn is used -- including the weight of a lawn tractor passing over it.

Advantages To Our System:

  • Subtle Design Blends With Landscaping
  • Deters Clogging Of Discharge Line
  • Withstands Weight Of Mowers
  • Removable Top For Cleaning
free sump pump discharge line and discharge line outlet installation quote

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A PVC sump pump discharge line pipe laying in a yard, unburied.

Open discharge lines that rest on top of the lawn (like the one shown above) can clog with leaves and debris, while creating an ugly tripping hazard.

Why A Discharge Line Outlet?

Pipes that do not have a grated opening at the point of discharge can easily clog with leaves, sticks, and other outdoor debris. Mice have been known to crawl down the discharge pipe, and animals have been known to nest in them.

Installing a grated drain opening will protect your discharge line from these and many other problems that can lead to a backup in your system.

We Bury Discharge Lines!

As a complimentary service when we waterproof your basement, we will carefully bury your sump pump discharge line outside.

We do this by carefully removing the grass, then digging a trench in the lawn for the pipe. Once the pipe has been fitted in place, we'll restore your landscaping for a subtle, great-looking final product.

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