Insulating Basement Walls

Bare concrete foundation walls in a basement before insulation was installed.

Uninsulated basement walls are naturally cold because they are in contact with the earth around them.

Foundation soils typically maintain a year-round temperature of about 55 °F, which is cold enough to burden your utilities and increase energy bills.

Whether you're planning on finishing your basement or you'd simply like to restore the basement to dry, usable space, insulating the walls is a great idea.

Your local Basement Systems contractor can quickly and effectively insulate your basement walls. This will make the space more comfortable and energy efficient, while also preparing the space for finishing.

Our Basement Wall Insulation Products

Your local Basement Systems Dealer offers two excellent products for basement wall insulation:

Our Basement To Beautiful™ Insulated Panels are designed to insulate your walls and prepare them to receive wallboard.

Our ZenWall™ Basement Wall Coverings are designed to upgrade the appearance and insular value of unfinished basement walls.

Free quote install insulated wall panels in your basement

Our quality basement wall insulation products provide you with a fast, effective way to upgrade your basement and prepare it for remodeling.

To learn more about how we can help you, call or e-mail us today! We'll provide you with a basement wall insulation quote, that will include an on-site consultation and cost quote! Our authorized Basement Systems experts serve throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

The Value Of Insulating Basement Walls

Even if you do not access the basement regularly or use it as living space, there's value to insulating your basement walls.

Even if no one living in the home accesses the basement on a regular basement, and the door to the basement is kept firmly shut, there are several utilities in the basement that are best kept in a temperate environment.

Water heaters, furnaces, HVAC systems, heating ducts, and hot water pipes are all at their most energy efficient when not in a cold basement environment. If your basement walls are not insulated, they're working harder just to do the job they were designed to do.

Insulating your basement walls will also help to create a more comfortable home. Cold drafts from the basement will be eliminated, and cold floors above the basement will be eliminated.

How Much Money Can You Save With Basement Finishing?

The U.S. Department of Energy recently did a study on how much money could be saved by insulating basement walls, and found that the annual savings on basement walls insulation are very significant in northern climates.

Residents of Denver, Colorado can save between $310 and $350 per year, while residents in Minneapolis, Minnesota can save as much as $450 annually by insulating their basement walls. These numbers are based on a 1,500 square-foot home with a conditioned basement that's heated by natural gas at $0.72/therm US, or about $.70 Canadian currency.

That's some big savings -- especially if a tax incentive is being offered to upgrade your home's energy efficiency.

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Insulating Your Basement Walls With Basement Systems

At Basement Systems, we offer installation of our Basement To Beautiful™ Wall Insulation System as an additional basement service while our crew is waterproofing your basement. Our insulation system is fully compatible with our sump pump and perimeter drainage system and is specially designed for the basement environment.

Our Basement To Beautiful™ Wall Insulation System provides the following benefits:

We Insulate Basement Walls & Prepare Them For Finishing!

Whether you're finishing your basement, or you just want a drier, more comfortable space in your home, your local Basement Systems Dealer is ready to help you. We can upgrade your basement walls with a waterproof, insulated solution that will save you money for decades to come!

Call or e-mail us today to schedule a free basement wall insulation quote with your local Basement Systems Dealer! Each quote comes at no obligation to you and includes an on-site inspection, a customized cost quote, and a copy of our full-color basement waterproofing book.

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