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Problems Related To Poor Grading And Improper Yard Drainage

a drainage pipe is buried and clogged, and a second drainage pipe is overheat and not buried, but is laid across a walkway where someone could trip on it.

A poorly designed drainage system in your yard can mean thousands of gallons of water are unnecessarily collecting around your foundation.

When you're thinking of your house, it's a good idea to picture the entire house as one big system that works together. If something happens in your basement, the entire house is affected by it.

Likewise, if something is happening on your roof, in your yard, or elsewhere in your home, it will also impact the rest of the house.

So while many of the reasons that your basement is leaking involve the basement itself, not all are directly connected. How your roof, yard, and gutters are designed will also contribute to how much water is in your basement.

At Basement Systems, we take a "whole house" approach to waterproofing, including what happens outside of your basement. It's just one of the reasons that our warranted waterproofing systems are exactly what you need!

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Four Avoidable External Causes Of Basement Flooding

It's important to bear in mind that if your home has ever experienced flooding, you will be required to disclose this information when selling your home. A wet basement can reduce the resale value of the home by 10%-20% or more, depending on the market.

The only way to ensure your basement is dry -- and to restore the value of your home -- is to install a basement waterproofing system with a sump pump and perimeter drain. Our systems include a written, transferable warranty that can be passed on to the new homeowner, ensuring them that their basement is safe from flooding.

However, even with a basement waterproofing system in place, it doesn't hurt to take some simple measures to help keep water from collecting around your home. Many of the causes of basement flooding are simple, avoidable issues that can be easily rectified. A simple upgrade, or some regular maintenance may be all that's needed to make a big difference.

We've identified four common external causes of basement problems that can easily and quickly be solved. By solving these four problems, you can take a load off the work your sump pump is doing to keep your home dry.

A nice looking house with its yard sloping away from the home.

Poor Grading In The Yard

For the purpose of drainage, your house should be placed at a high point on the property, with the yard around the building sloping downhill and away.

When it rains, this downhill slope will direct water away from the house, preventing it from collecting around the foundation, which can cause basement flooding and potential foundation issues.

The soils that were excavated when your foundation was first built can sometimes settle, creating an area of improper grading alongside your house. By addressing this grading issue, you can help to prevent water from pooling next to your house, which will lessen (but not eliminate) of basement flooding.

A home's gutter discharging directly into a gravel drywell.

Improperly Designed Downspouts

In an article by The Family Handyman, it was reported that a one-inch rainfall will drop about 600 gallons of water on top of the roof of an average-sized home.

So what happens if that rain enters your gutters and is then released through the directly around your foundation? You have hundreds (or even thousands) of gallons of water added to your wet basement problem.

Far too often, we see the downspouts of gutters discharging mere inches away from the foundation walls. When we do, we recommend that the homeowner extend their downspouts with one of our outdoor drainage systems, which will help you discharge this water at a appropriate distance away from your home.

A closeup of a gutter clogged with fall leaves.

Clogged Gutters

Like improperly designed downspouts, clogged gutters will fail to keep your foundation free of unnecessary rainwater problems.

Along with foundation water issues, clogged gutters can also lead to rotting wood and leaking roofs.

Pooling water caused by improper gutters can also create frozen sidewalks, and pooling water can also break down concrete in walkways, steps, and driveways. Water can also cause wood siding to bow or become moldy.

You should have your gutters cleaned once in the spring, and a second time in the late fall. Some realtors and home inspectors recommend cleaning them as much as every three months.

Weeds and very small maple trees growing out of a basement window well.

Clogged Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are an often-overlooked part of the home. Over time, and without maintenance, they will begin to collect leaves, dirt, and debris that clogs them up and compromises their ability to drain away water.

When it rain, snow, or other precipitation begins to fall, it will collect in these window wells. Basement windows -- especially ones that have rotted or rusted severely -- are not designed to hold back that water.

Significant leaking can come in through basement windows, which will stain the walls and leave puddles on your floors. By replacing your old window wells with new covered window wells, you can avoid clogging and protect the wells from water.

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