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Got a wet basement? Musty odors? Protect your home with our proven solutions & lifetime warranty.

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Installing Basement Wall Products

Bare concrete foundation walls in a basement before insulation was installed.

Upgrading your basement walls can help you to create a more comfortable and attractive environment in your basement.

Basement wall products can be used to upgrade your home's energy efficiency and control humidity. We also have solutions for repairing water-damaged drywall panels.

Basement walls can present several challenges to homeowners who'd like to upgrade their basement.

Whether they're wet, damp, cold, or simply ugly to look at, upgrading those walls is a small upgrade that can make a major difference in how a homeowner feels about the space.

Our Basement Wall Products

At Basement Systems, our dealers are proud to offer the following six basement wall products:

Each of our wall products provides a unique, customized solution for several common issues that homeowners have with their basement walls, including energy efficiency, moisture, and overall visual appeal.

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We have a customized basement wall product for you -- no matter what you're planning to do with your basement!

To learn more about which products are a best fit for your home, call or e-mail us today! We'll send you a complimentary copy of our full-color basement book and provide you with a basement wall upgrade estimate! We proudly serve throughout North America and Canada.

Choosing The Basement Wall Product That's Best For You

Our wall products are designed with the uniquely humid basement environment in mind and are compatible with our basement waterproofing system. This means that our wall systems are designed to be waterproof, to resist mold growth, and to integrate with our basement drain systems.

Installing basement wall paneling is one of our most popular basement services -- and for good reason! Upgrading the walls with any of our wall products will have a major positive impact on the overall appearance of your basement. You'll be amazed at how great your space will look!

Below are the three most common needs homeowners express about their basement walls:

A concrete block basement wall covered in damp spots, water, and efflorescence.

I Want To Keep Back Water & Humidity

You want to hold back water, moisture, and humidity that is making its way through your walls and into your home.

My Foundation Walls Are Straight

The following products are rigid panels, making them best for walls that are straight or mostly straight:

My Foundation Walls Are Uneven Or Irregular

The following product is pliable, and can be installed on irregular or wavy surfaces:

Ugly, bare concrete walls in a basement.

I Want Make My Walls More Energy Efficient

You'd like to make your basement walls more energy efficient by installing insulation or a radiant heat barrier.

I Am Planning On Finishing The Basement

The following products are designed to be installed on basement walls that are about to be finished:

I Do Not Plan On Finishing The Basement

The following product is meant to upgrade basement walls without finishing them:

Water-damaged drywall that has been cut away in a basement after a flood.

I Want To Repair Water-Damaged Walls

Your finished basement walls have become water-damaged, and repairs are planned.

Most Of My Walls Are Salvageable

The following product is designed to repair basement walls that are only partially water-damaged:

I Am Completely Renovating The Basement

The following products are designed for basements that are planning a complete remodeling with waterproof basement wall products:

We Can Upgrade Your Basement Walls!

Your local Basement Systems Dealer is standing by to help you! Contact us by phone or e-mail today, and we'll provide you with a basement wall upgrade estimate at no cost or obligation to you.

Each free estimate includes an on-site inspection, a professional consultation where all your questions are answered, and a customized estimate on the work you choose. We'll also send along a full-color copy of our basement book for you to keep.

Our international network proudly serves throughout Canada and the United States. We have a locally owned and operated dealer working in your neighborhood!

BrightWall® Waterproof Panels

Our BrightWall® Panels are rigid plastic panels that mechanically attach to your basement walls.

Their bright white color keeps your basement looking great, while providing a vapor barrier on your basement walls to hold back humidity and moisture from the concrete walls.

If you've had one of our perimeter drain systems installed, such as the WaterGuard® system, our BrightWall® panels can be integrated with it by tucking the bottom of the wall behind the wall flange of the drain.

As water collects behind the wall panels, it will be directed downwards into the perimeter drain system.

rigid plastic wall panels installed on a basement wall

CleanSpace® Wall Vapor Barrier

The CleanSpace® Wall System is a pliable plastic vapor barrier that can be laid over irregularly shaped surfaces, such as wavy basement walls, large boulders, and even on dirt basement floors. Designed with seven durable layers, it includes a 25-year warranty.

CleanSpace® Wall includes an inorganic design and an antimicrobial additive that will not support mold or bacterial growth. Its bright white appearance keeps your basement looking clean, bright, and attractive, while also providing a vapor barrier on your walls. Like our other products, CleanSpace® Wall can be tucked into your basement drains to direct water from the walls into your waterproofing system.

A white plastic vapor barrier installed on a basement wall.

Basement To Beautiful™ Panels

Installing Basement To Beautiful™ Wall Panels are a fantastic way to quickly and effectively prepare your walls for remodeling.

Installed as both an insular wall and stud system, your walls will be prepared to receive wallboard directly on top of the panels.

SilverGlo™ is designed with 2.5" of graphite-infused foam R-13 insulation, providing 24% more energy savings than the alternative, while also providing a vapor barrier on your concrete walls.

SilverGlo™ insulation is completely inorganic, and will not support the growth of mold or rot. Its closed-cell design will not be damaged by moisture.

basement wall insulation and studs installed in a prefinished basement

ThermalDry® Wall Covering

Along with insulating your basement walls, it's a great idea to install a radiant heat barrier. This reflects heat that reaches your walls back into your basement, which leads to savings on your utility bills.

ThermalDry® Wall combines radiant heat barrier technology with a durable vapor barrier. The radiant heat barrier keeps your basement warm and comfortable, while the vapor barrier holds back moisture and humidity.

This system can be also integrated with your basement drain -- any water and moisture collected from the walls is directed down the vapor barrier and into your perimeter drainage system.

A radiant heat barrier installed on concrete basement walls.

EverLast™ Finished Wall Repair

When basements flood, drywall will stain and lose its structural integrity, and fiberglass can soak up water like a sponge. Over time, these two materials, along with wood studs, will begin to grow mold, mildew and rot.

In most cases, only the first couple feet of wallboard, insulation, and studs are damaged. This is where the EverLast™ Wall Restoration System comes in.

Our drywall repair system includes metal studs and a waterproof cementitious wallboard, both of which can hold up to potential basement flooding in the future. A stylish chair rail runs along the top, combining for an attractive, permanent repair option.

drywall repaired with a wall system made with cementitious board and metal studs

Basement To Beautiful™ Waterproof Insulation

If your finished basement has been severely damaged by flooding water in the past, then you're probably aware of just how much damage a flood deals to fiberglass insulation.

Our Basement To Beautiful™ Insulated Panels provide a permanent solution to insulating your basement walls -- one that will not be ruined by flooding.

These panels are made with rigid, closed-cell foam insulation that will not be damaged by humidity or moisture. Metal studs are built directly in to each panel to support the wallboard, with 2" of R-13 insulation between the metal frame and the concrete.

Basement walls insulated with rigid foam insulation panels.

The ThermalDry® Waterproof Basement Wall System

Over time, many basements walls develop cracks and openings that begin to leak. Additionally, concrete surfaces continually bring moisture from the earth into your home -- even when the concrete surface does not look damp.

Installing our ThermalDry® Wall product before finishing the space will protect your walls from being damaged by humidity and moisture from leaking basement walls. Water leaking from the walls and down your perimeter drain.

ThermalDry® Wall also creates a radiant heat barrier on your basement walls. This will reflect heat back into your basement for significant energy savings.

Installation in progress of a vapor barrier and radiant heat barrier on basement walls

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